Other Futures Festival: Business Director

Other Futures Festival in Amsterdam is looking for a Business Director for 5 hours per week | Vacancy for a Paid position, Freelance/ZZP | Deadline: 02-08-2024

Other Futures is a multidisciplinary festival and exhibition that presents speculative visions of the future. It is also an online and offline platform for makers and thinkers of other futures and brings together artists, performers, and thought leaders from around the world to showcase their talents and ideas. We strive to create an inclusive and vibrant environment that fosters cross-cultural exchange and dialogue.

The festival took place in 2018 and 2021. After the last edition, the founder and artistic director Brigitte van der Sande stepped down from Other Futures to make room for new talent. To support the new artistic director (identified but not yet appointed), we’re also looking for a business director to support the artistic director for the next edition of the festival. In previous editions, the artistic director and business director worked closely as a duo, managing a team of freelancers.

We are seeking an all-round and hands-on business director with experience in the arts and with strong project or program management skills.

Business Director

5 hours per week

The business director will support the artistic director in the initial stage with submitting funding requests to the Dutch funds; once a vision on Other Futures is delivered by the artistic director and approved by the Board and funding is in place, the business director will manage the festival and supervise the finances and sponsoring contracts, together with the artistic director.

We are looking for someone with business acumen and experience in the cultural sector, and who can fundraise and build relationships with Dutch Funds. Experience in sponsoring is a big plus and being fluent in Dutch is a prerequisite. The ideal candidate is highly motivated, someone who is willing to take risks, and willing to commit their time to the festival. As there is no plan yet for Other Futures’ next edition, the business director should be able to cope with a considerable amount of uncertainty in the initial phase. This will obviously change once funding is in place and the GO for implementation is given. At the same time, this is an exciting opportunity for someone who wants to make their mark in the Culture & Arts industry and build the next iteration of the festival.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Program management: Develop and implement the overall direction of the festival. Foster relationships with artists, performers, and cultural institutions. Lead the planning, logistics, and execution of all festival activities. Ensure seamless coordination across various departments, including programming, marketing, operations, and logistics. Cultivate strong relationships with local communities, stakeholders, and partners. Collaborate with community organizations to promote inclusivity and diversity within the festival.
  2. Financial management: Oversee the budgeting process and financial performance of the festival. Work to maximize revenue streams through sponsorships, ticket sales, and partnerships, while ensuring responsible fiscal management

What we offer
As Other Futures is a project organization and holds no budget, the first funding requests should include salaries for the artistic director and business director. This has been common practice in previous editions and always worked well, but candidates for this role should be aware that in the initial phase, there are no funds in place yet to pay salaries. We support fair pay practices in the Cultural sector.

Expected working hours during the vision development phase will be around 20 hours per month. Hours will increase once a GO on the festival is given, and both the artistic director and the business director will be remunerated for all their hours in retrospect.

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