The Smartphone Orchestra: Sales & Marketing Representative

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The Smartphone Orchestra in Amsterdam is looking for a Sales & Marketing Representative starting with 12 hours per week | Vacancy for a Paid position, Freelance/ZZP | Deadline: none

The Smartphone Orchestra creates thought-provoking, engaging and fun live group experiences, involving various types of audiences in an innovative way. By guiding the audience with their own phones, magic happens, bonds are formed, insights won and new connections are made.

The team combines self-developed and cutting-edge technology with an accessible and totally new form of storytelling. Creating experiences that let the audience experience (instead of being told!) how technology is changing the way we relate to each other. Exploring new ways to collaborate, have fun and win insights. These experiences are welcomed by a wide range of world wide contexts. From festivals wanting to show the newest in digital storytelling, to conferences that like to shake up their audiences. From concert halls and theaters that like to reach a younger audience to company events, universities and highschools. There is a big potential for The Smartphone Orchestra to grow in all of these arenas.

We are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but perform all over the world in venues ranging from the poshest concert halls to corporate meeting rooms and from A-list film festivals to high schools, inspiring people with the feeling that collaborating is cool and technology can also be used to really connect and share.

Sales & Marketing Representative

starting with 12 hours per week

The Smartphone Orchestra (SPO) is on the search for a connector and networker not stopped by the boundaries of cultural, commercial or educational contexts. A freelancer that helps us bring what we do further into the world. Working closely with our modest team, you’ll find new performance opportunities and foster existing ones. Your job is to find new playing opportunities and effectively explain to the people involved what we do. You help us grow in the realm of marketing and sales, you see many opportunities and know how to grab and mold them into actual gigs and feasible collaborations.

This role is primarily coupled with the development of our newest project, Ancestors: by using selfies and AI face merge technology the audience members become the parents, grandparents, great grandparents (and so on) from one last descendant six generations into the future. This thought provoking hypothesis creates a very special connection amongst the audience members themselves but also offers a chance to realize how we are connected to future people. The SPO partners up with IDFA Doclab to create Ancestors and is set to premiere at IDFA Doclab in November 2024,

You will be finding playing opportunities for this in the realms mentioned above first in Holland, but also internationally. Starting here we would like you to grow in a more permanent role of bringing all the other SPO experiences in the roster under the radar of existing and new clients. The Smartphone Orchestra will grow fast in the coming two years and you will play a key role in making this work out well.

Job Description

  • Sell and promote Ancestors in domestic and international contexts.
  • Understand the full scope of SPO offerings to better propose our projects to potential clients.
  • Research potential performance opportunities and build a working database.
  • Potential opportunities include:
    • technology and artistic festivals or conferences;
    • corporate events;
    • museums and other cultural venues;
    • universities, colleges and high schools.
  • Develop and evolve the SPO brand using digital and social media channels.
  • Create and modify the SPO portfolios and pitch documents.
  • Map and contact current and past SPO clients for potential new performances.
  • Work with SPO partners to develop joint sales strategies.
  • Field inquiries submitted via the SPO website and social media accounts.

Job Requirements

  • Minimum two years experience in Studio/festival/Cultural marketing and sales or in any other way knowledgeable and well connected in these fields.
  • Success in driving solution-oriented client engagement to internal and/or external clients.
  • Attention to detail and organization.
  • Confidence in conducting conversations with executives via email and phone.
  • Knowledge of social, inbound, content, and outbound marketing.
  • Strong communication, research, and writing skills.
  • Ideally based in the Randstad.
  • English fluency required.
  • Dutch fluency requested.

Job Commitment

  • Part-time freelance role.
  • Hybrid working arrangement (mix of remote and in-person responsibilities).
  • Throughout 2024 (and potentially longer!).
  • Roughly 12 hours per week (to start!).

To apply, email your CV and a short motivation to us at

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Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated.

More information about the organisation: see our website.