Snowapple: Technical Producer

Snowapple in Amsterdam is looking for a Technical Producer for 24 to 32 hours a week | Vacancy for a Paid position, Freelance/ZZP | Deadline: none

Snowapple is an international artists’ collective based in Amsterdam. We produce theatre tours, music performances and events.

Every year we organise three small artistic festivals in Amsterdam, Paris and Mexico City under the name Jardin Rouge. And last year we set up a cultural house in Mexico ‘Casa Snowapple MX’ where residencies, events and workshops take place in collaboration with the Mexican branch of Snowapple.

Besides music and theatre we are currently working on releasing a full-length art film.

The most important projects of Snowapple at this moment are:

  • Cyborg Cabaret – touring music theatre.
  • Mr. Moon – touring music theatre.
  • Jardin Rouge – nomad theatre festival in Amsterdam, Paris and Mexico City.
  • Snowapple trio – music.
  • A Moonless Night – art film.
  • Blizzard – touring music theatre.
  • Casa Snowapple MX – cultural house in Mexico.

Snowapple has undergone significant development in recent years and has grown from a music company to a small production house.

For more information see also the website.

For more information about the different projects check out the websites:

Technical Producer

24 to 32 hours a week

The ideal candidate has experience with technical production of music- and or theatre shows and is familiar with the branche. In this role you are responsible for all the technique and the right hand of the project managers. You will join the group to events and (international)tours to handle the technical production.

The tasks

  • Responsible for the entire technical production of the shows and rehearsals:
    • Keeping track of the equipment and packing lists;
    • Making riders and stage plots;
    • In touch with the venues about the technical production: load in, build up, sound checks.
  • It’s a pre if you can also operate a sound and/or a light-desk during the show.
  • Assisting the project managers with the organisation of the different productions and tours.

Key qualities

  • You are technically skilled; you have a background in the cultural sector and understands how this world works.
  • You are a go-getter and enjoy figuring things out yourself and completing them.
  • You are structured and can monitor the overview well.
  • You work well under pressure.
  • You can work well on a project basis, you can set priorities well.
  • You are flexible both when it comes to the course of projects and availability.
  • You speak and write English, knowledge of Dutch, French and/or Spanish is an advantage.
  • You are willing to travel for work and go on tours.
  • You have a driver’s licence.

What we offer
This is a 24 to 32 hour salaried position from the Snowapple organisation. It is a challenging and flexible position in a dynamic international working environment. Your terms of employment are in line with the market, depending on your experience.

For information about this vacancy or to apply directly, please contact us at

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Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated.

More information about the organisation: see our website.