Hartwig Art Foundation & Performa New York: Hartwig Art Foundation Archives Fellow

The Hartwig Art Foundation & Performa New York in New York is looking for a Hartwig Art Foundation Archives Fellow for 1 fte | Vacancy for a Paid position, Learning opportunity, Temporary | Deadline: 17-02-2023

The Hartwig Art Foundation is active in fostering and facilitating the production, presentation, communication and preservation of contemporary art for society at large, to support the cultural ecosystem in the Netherlands and abroad. The production, presentation, mediation and preservation of art aims, in particular, at the sustainable promotion of a cultural environment for society as a whole, both in terms of infrastructures and people. The Foundation strives for diverse and broad artistic exchange and the continuous advancement of creative production methods of the highest standards while aiming to facilitate a role for arts and culture institutions as places of encounter for all people. In addition to its multiple activities in productions with artists and partnerships with a wide range of institutions, the Hartwig Art Foundation is currently developing a new museum for contemporary art in Amsterdam.
See: www.hartwigartfoundation.nl

About Performa
Founded in 2004 by art historian and curator RoseLee Goldberg, Performa is the leading organization dedicated to exploring the critical role of live performance in the history of twentieth-century art and to encouraging new directions in performance for the twenty-first century. Since launching New York’s first performance biennial, Performa 05, in 2005, the organization has solidified its identity as a commissioning and producing entity, and as a “museum without walls” providing important art historical heft to the field, showing the development of live art in all its forms and from many different cultural perspectives, reaching back to the Renaissance and beyond. The Performa Biennial is celebrated worldwide as the first biennial to give specialized attention to this remarkable history, transforming the city of New York into the “world capital of artists’ performance” every other November. Performa attracts a national and international audience of more than 200,000 and receives more than 5,000,000 hits on its website during its run of three weeks. In the last 18 years, Performa has presented 592 performances, worked with 732 artists, and has toured commissioned performances in 17 countries around the world.
See: performa-arts.org

About the Performa Archive
The Performa Archive features the work of over seven-hundred emerging and established artists from across the United States and around the world. It is a unique enterprise that is both a repository of documentation of Performa’s twenty-year history, as well as an adventurous new entryway to understanding the creative thinking behind the production of new live work for the 21st century. Comprising thousands of hours of original unedited, edited video and sound recordings, photographs, physical and digital ephemera, as well as artists’ drawings, writings, correspondence with curators, interviews, writing and research material, the archive is unusually complete in its full-on reveal of the commissioning and production process, tech riders and timelines included, that result in the renowned Performa commissions presented during each Performa Biennial since 2005. In early 2023 Performa will launch a new public website that offers free and easy access to its extensive holdings of live performance and contemporary art, with additional support from Outset and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The Hartwig Art Foundation and Performa are pleased to announce the Hartwig Art Foundation fellowship program that will provide hands-on training for individuals working in contemporary art, new media and performance.

Hartwig Art Foundation Archives Fellow

full time for 2 years 

The Hartwig Art Foundation Archives Fellow will collaborate with the Performa team and international partners to activate and expand the Performa Archive comprising thousands of hours of original edited and unedited video, sound recordings, photographs, physical and digital ephemera, as well as drawings, writings, interviews and correspondence with Performa Commission artists. The archive is unusually complete in its reveal of the commissioning and production processes, budgets, tech riders and timelines behind the renowned Performa commissions.

  • Develop and deliver programming from the Performa archive/collection for Performa platforms including the Performa Biennial, Performa Institute, Performa Magazine, Radical Broadcast and publications;
  • Collaborate with staff members and outside contractors on the further development of the public access Performa Archive website;
  • Generate educational partnerships and interface with academic institutions to generation lesson plans and curricula using the archive;
  • Facilitate Performa’s external messaging with editorial content by making selections from the archive;
  • Devise audience development strategies and collect and analyze feedback, statistics and analytics;
  • Communicate new developments, programs and news related to the archive to funders, users and other stake-holders;
  • Oversee Performa’s participation in conferences and talks related to the archive;
  • Research and model methods of content distribution;
  • Field all usage inquiries for research, usage, publication, and exhibition of archive materials;
  • Oversee students and researchers requesting onsite research access to the archive;
  • Engage with artists about the materials from their Performa projects that are in the archive or in their personal collections;
  • Consider the acquisition of artist and performance archives that might be imperiled;
  • Represent Performa by participating in approved lectures, symposia, and other external programming that further and raise awareness of our mission.

Candidates must hold a minimum of a Bachelors Degree (or equivalent work experience) in art history, museum or performance studies, African or Latin American diaspora studies, archives or arts administration, and should show a special interest in the history of performance by visual artists, contemporary art and new media. Fluency in English and writing skills are a must, as are the ability to work in a fast-paced and collaborative atmosphere. The position is paid and full time for 2 years and requires residency in New York City and a work visa (sponsored by Performa if needed) for foreign nationals. The salary is $52,000 and includes 2 weeks paid time off, health insurance and a travel/research budget.

The Hartwig Art Foundation and Performa are also looking for a Hartwig Art Foundation Curatorial Fellow.

To apply please send your CV, a cover letter and two relevant writing samples addressed to RoseLee Goldberg to jobs@performa-arts.org. Please put the fellowship you are applying to in the subject line.

Please note that while we review all applications, we will be unable to respond to individual inquiries during the application process. Performa is an equal opportunity employer, and we encourage those who might have applied in the past for positions at Performa to reapply for new opportunities.

Apply now!

Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated.

More information about the organisation: see our website.