Netherlands Film Academy: Core Teacher for the master ‘Artistic Research in and through Cinema’

The Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam is looking for three Core Teachers for the master ‘Artistic Research in and through Cinema’ for an average of 20 hours a week | Vacancy for a Paid position, Freelance/ZZP | Deadline: 08-03-2021

The Netherlands Film Academy is part of the Amsterdam University of the Arts, which also consists of the Academy of Theatre and Dance, the Breitner Academy, the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, the Reinwardt Academy and the Academy of Architecture. The Film Academy offers a bachelor’s programme with nine specialisations and a two-year research-oriented master’s programme. The Film Academy strives to be a diverse and inclusive organization and finds it important to see that reflected in our student body and in our workforce.

For the ongoing development of its unique master’s programme, the Film Academy is looking for

Three Core Teachers for the master ‘Artistic Research in and through Cinema’

average of 20 hours a week

Master ‘Artistic Research in and through Cinema’
The master’s programme of the Netherlands Film Academy is a unique two-year international and highly selective research programme for filmmakers and artists with at least five years of professional experience. Every year we accept a maximum of ten student-researchers into our programme, who come from different parts of the world and thus bring a great variety of cultural and professional perspectives to the programme. Once graduated, many of our alumni remain actively connected to the programme.

The focus of the programme is on Artistic Research in and through Cinema. It implies thinking through images and sounds, starting the inquiry from the practice, knowledge and perspectives of filmmaking, and using its accompanying concepts and language. This practice-driven programme, with its four thematic semesters that together outline the rhythm and line of questioning inherent to artistic research in and through cinema, privileges questions over answers, process over product, experimentation over mere execution and long-term effects over short term gain. Essential to the pedagogical philosophy of the programme is also its emphasis on peer- and group learning and on the value of education as a space of learning for all.

As an experimental programme by nature, the programme – just beyond the mark of its tenth-year anniversary – is entering a new and exciting phase in the further development of the structure and redesign of the curriculum. This is accompanied by a re-alignment of the organization in which a new core curriculum team is formed, consisting of a new Head of the programme and three core teachers. This team will be assisted by the present support staff.

Position and role
Together with the Head of the programme, the three core teachers will make up the core curriculum team that will give shape to the curriculum and its pedagogical underpinning, within the framework already established. They will design and organize content and form of the different semesters, teach workshops, guide group sessions and support individual student-researchers in their research endeavours. Each of the core teachers, as well as the Head of the programme, will have one of the four semesters as their prime responsibility. Their workload will therefore differ over the course of the academic year. Recognizing the importance of a research practice when teaching artistic research, the core teachers will also be given time and space to develop, within the frame and demands of the Research Group of the Film Academy, their own research projects, linked to their own practice.

We are looking for experienced filmmakers (from any sub-discipline of film or audio-visual arts, including curators or educators with experiential knowledge of the filmmaking process) with an active research practice and ample teaching experience, who will assist the participants of the master’s programme on their research trajectory. As peer learning or the group is at the core of our teaching philosophy, we’re especially looking for colleagues with experience working with groups consisting of people with very diverse and different backgrounds. Given the diversity of the student-researchers, we’ll be looking to establish a core curriculum team that will encompass different but complementing expertise and experience.

The core teachers will work closely together with each other and the Head of the programme, and with the support staff. Final responsibility for the department lies with the Head of the programme.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Implementation of the overall vision of the programme and development of the new curriculum.
  • Designing, coordinating and actively overseeing one of the four semesters (as a lead) and assisting in the development and coordination of one other semester (as a support to the lead). This responsibility implies
    • designing content and form of the semester in line with the semester’s goals;
    • selecting guest teachers and lecturers and assisting them in developing workshops aligned with the programme;
    • teaching core workshops and classes within the semester;
    • guiding group working sessions;
    • coaching individual student-researchers;
    • acting as support and critical partner to the lead of one of the other semesters.
  • Initiating and developing own research project(s), stemming from one’s own artistic / research practice (initial ideas to be discussed in the interview).
  • Keeping up to date with developments in the different fields relevant for the programme.
  • Maintaining an external professional network and representing the programme and its vision in the outside world.

Requirements and profile

  • Proven experience and active practice as a filmmaker. This filmmaking practice can be in any sub-discipline in the field of cinema or audio-visual arts, from directors via editors and sound designers to programmers / curators with inside knowledge of the filmmaking process.
  • Proven experience with and knowledge of artistic research processes (related to applicant’s own practice).
  • Proven experience at teaching and coaching at MA-level or beyond.
  • Master’s or PhD degree, or comparable professional experience.
  • Keen interest in and knowledge of other art forms.
  • Broad network in the (inter)national worlds of film, art and artistic research.
  • Experience with curriculum development is a recommendation.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Flexibility in terms of available time; the exact schedule and dates are to be determined by the team members together.
  • The core teacher is an open-minded team player with excellent interpersonal communication skills and a desire to learn and share, while also being stress-resistant and having a sense of humour.

Contract conditions
The core teacher is a part-time freelance position for an average of approximately 20 hours a week for a maximum duration of four years, on the basis of yearly agreements. The hourly rate offered corresponds to the hourly rates offered by other Dutch art academies. The division of tasks of the core teacher are 80% teaching, 20% research.

Information and application
General information about the master’s programme is available on the website. For more detailed information about the programme and the vacancy, please contact Mieke Bernink, Head of Research / Lector Netherlands Film Academy: (+31.6.21274619).

Applications with motivation and Curriculum Vitae can be submitted by email to Bart Römer, director of the Netherlands Film Academy, at

Deadline for the application: 8 March 2021.

The first round of online interviews will be held on 6 and 7 April 2021. The second will take place on 13 and 14 April 2021. When invited for an interview, you will be asked to provide references.

Starting date: 1 June 2021 or as soon after as is possible.

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More information about the organization: see our website.