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Vacature | Organisatie: European Cultural Centre | Functie: Independent Cultural Entrepreneur | Plaats: Amsterdam | Omvang: fulltime | Sluitingsdatum: 15/01/2018

The European Cultural Centre Foundation (ECC) is a Dutch Foundation established in 2015. The ECC provides the conditions to invite artistic and creative practices and encourages a process of learning and experiencing from all fields – visual art, dance, performance, theatre, music, literature, architecture, et cetera. It is a place for investigating the most vital contemporary issues in order to design a shared future. Besides exhibiting finalized projects, as a place in perpetual motion, the ECC goes further and presents projects that strongly interact with the various creative practices, the city, participants and visitors from all over the world.

Until now the Foundation has mainly operated in Venice, Italy. There it organizes and hosts contemporary art and architecture exhibitions and several other cultural and educational events. The Foundation has roughly 20 staff members in the main organization and 30 people of several different nationalities working in the exhibition venues. Today, the objective of the ECC is to create independently operating Satellites in several other cities, starting with Amsterdam.

A European Cultural Centre Satellite should become a financially and artistically independent operating cultural entity, whereby its agenda will mainly depend on the input of the responsible cultural entrepreneur. At the moment we are looking for a suitable exhibition venue in the centre of Amsterdam.

European Cultural Centre Foundation is looking for an

Independent Cultural Entrepreneur


Role definition of the Independent Cultural Entrepreneur:
As part of our expansion plans and according to our overall concept we are looking for a strong person, energetic, a creative leader, and a person who would like to be in charge of his/her own creative enterprise, while operating under the umbrella name of the European Cultural Centre.

It would be helpful if you can inspire people, are communicative, not afraid to take decisions, like to cooperate with other cultural institutions and can make things happen.

Although the ECC Satellite is envisaged to become a totally independent cultural enterprise, at least until this new ECC Satellite can really stand on its own, there will be a strong cooperation necessary with the main operation of the ECC Foundation, especially during the first year.

The ECC likes to support you until you will be able to create for yourself a decent income, but money should not be the reason to become a Cultural Entrepreneur. This opportunity is not just a job; it is much more a way of living – a quality life with meaning.

Key responsibilities:
Together with us you will develop the cultural program for years to come. We also create together the financial concepts to ensure a sustainable business model for the Amsterdam ECC Satellite. You should take an active role in management, program creation, fundraising and the promotion of cultural activities in general.

You have to ensure the proper management of the Amsterdam Satellite, including its financial administration, ones you manage to be financially totally independent from the ECC you will be accountable for all your activities yourself.

Key requirements:
Some of the personal requirements needed to become an independent cultural entrepreneur are, in our opinion: a dynamic willpower to succeed, honesty, openness, transparency, flexibility, willingness to learn, and speaking a few languages would be of a great help also.

How to apply:
Candidates can send their CV to Anna Jelezovskaia at Additional information about the position can be obtained by contacting Anna Jelezovskaia either by telephone (+31 6 16299426) or email ( For further information on the European Cultural Centre, please visit our website.

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